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Wet regulering sekswerk


Naam S Sakhanberidze
Plaats Almere
Datum 15 december 2019


Wat is uw oordeel over het wetsvoorstel en de memorie van toelichting?
Welke onderdelen vindt u goed?
Welke onderdelen vindt u slecht?
Als er onderdelen zijn die u onduidelijk vindt, dan deze graag hieronder melden, zo mogelijk met enige toelichting.
Als u suggesties voor aanpassing heeft, dan deze graag hieronder melden, zo mogelijk met enige toelichting.
I think the law will not help to tackle trafficking, but it will increase trafficking and so called ‘illegal’ sex workers. Those 3 restrictions that law proposes will worsen the condition of sex workers, rather will provide protection and naturally will push them into more unregulated, unsafe world. Police crackdowns will break up safety networks. Migrant sex workers who does not have papers in order will be forced into isolated areas. Those who will fall outside the law will not be able to report about violence without fear of being arrested. What usually happens in this situation that perpetrators take advantage to deliberately target vulnerable sex workers, knowing they won’t be able to report, therefore, some may become victims of trafficking. Health care concerns will also increase: Aggressive policing and the stigma associated with sex work, will make it harder for sex workers to negotiate condom use with clients and access health services. In addition, important to mention that sex work industry is the field with high mobility. People come and go, change locations, change occupation… in our reality, being registered as a sex worker is a life-time stigma, a merk that one never knows when will pop-up against them, even if s/he no longer works as sex worker. Is it surprising that people will avoid being registered as sex workers? And what law suggest to them as an alternative? Again, pushing to illegal field, forcing them to break the law and became criminals. With this law, you actually are not regulating sex work but rather helping to criminalize it and create a lot of illegal, unsafe streams. If there is a genuine aspiration to help sex workers, this is definitely not the right way! Stop this law.

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