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Wijziging Opiumwet vanwege nieuwe psychoactieve stoffen


Naam N/A (student) (Mr. Cameron Dailey)
Plaats Neosho
Datum 21 april 2020


Graag vernemen wij uw reactie op het conceptwetsvoorstel tot wijziging van de Opiumwet.
From this point forward I will be staying facts that are unrelated to my own opinions.

The War on Drugs has been a complete and total failure. Drug use has not been stopped, not even close, and instead millions of people are in jail, taking up space and sucking up tax payer money and for what? "Commiting" what medical officials say is a health issue?

In Portugal, the government decriminalized all drugs due to a massive drug addiction and HIV crisis. Drug use went down significantly. When the media covers drugs, even in a negative light, the use of those drugs goes up because talking about them or making them illegal only sparks the interest of drug users or potential drug users.

These drugs will go on the black market. People will continue to buy them, while more money goes to gangs and cartels than the government.

There are massive amounts of research bring done on many different drugs that are currently illegal. This research was stunted for decades due to their illegalization. MDMA, or Ecstasy, is currently on the path to being a leading treatment for PTSD, psilocybin mushrooms are being tested for the treatment of depression in cancer patients, ketamine is being tested and was actually approved for the treatment of depression in the United States.

This is a health issue. Health officials should have say in this, not the judiciary.

I hope you all reach a decision based in science and fact, not one based on biased opinions that have been ground so far into the public's mind that there is almost no return.
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