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Internetconsultation Global Health Strategy


Naam Anoniem
Plaats Apeldoorn
Datum 9 juli 2022


Session 1: Diplomacy and human rights-based

Question 1: How could we best include the input of marginalized groups in our diplomacy efforts?

Question 2: The Netherlands is often referred to as a donor with courage. If the Netherlands wants to continue being such a donor, which are the (health-related) themes we should focus on?

Question 3: How can the Netherlands best align the national and international efforts regarding Global Health?

Question 4: How can the Netherlands make more effective use of its diplomatic network abroad, including embassies, permanent representations and thematic experts (such as health attachés)?

Question 5: How can the Netherlands' position within the UN (and its reputation in the field of international (human) rights) be used to advance global health objectives?

Question 6: How can we systematically link diplomatic efforts in Brussels, Geneva and New York to the benefit of coherence and greater effectiveness?
Jammer dat de vragen niet in het Nederlands zijn.


Session 2: Health systems strengthening

Question 7: How can we reach everyone, especially the most marginalized people, to ensure their access to information and medical service?

Question 8: How can we make use of the specific knowledge and experience of all different sectors involved in global health? How can we also involve the private sector in meeting the people in greatest need?

Question 9: How can we promote green and sustainable health systems strengthening?

Question 10: How can we gear health systems strengthening most effectively towards better preparedness?
Jammer dat de vragen niet in het Nederlands zijn.


Session 3: Pandemic prevention, preparedness and response

Question 11: Which lessons should we learn from our approach in earlier pandemics, and more specifically, what could we do better?

Question 12: What are the most pressing gaps in the current global health architecture regarding PPR, and how should/can they be addressed?

Question 13: How can we best ensure sustainable financing for PPR?

Question 14: To what extent should new international agreements be legally binding?

Question 15: To what extent should the Netherlands promote the sharing of IP, knowledge and data in the context of PPR?

Question 16: How could we best communicate to a global public audience in order to not only prevent but also respond better to a pandemic?
Jammer dat de vragen niet in het Nederlands zijn.


Session 4: Products and supply

Question 17: What is necessary to improve local research and production medical supplies, medicines and vaccines?

Question 18: How can the private sector contribute to the production and distributions of medical supplies, medicines and vaccines?

Question 19: How can we facilitate local production?
Jammer dat de vragen niet in het Nederlands zijn.


Session 5: One health multisectoral approach

Question 20: There are noticeable links between global public health and other themes, including climate, food security and nutrition, clean leaving environment (e.g. WASH/clean water and air), animal health, economy, school health (e.g. CSE, ASRHR) and sustainability (social, economic and environment). Which should be the priorities that are also practically feasible for the Netherlands in this regard?

Question 21: How do we best engage in this intersectional approach of global health?
Jammer dat de vragen niet in het Nederlands zijn.


Session 6: Sustainable financing

Question 22: How do we establish sustainable and innovative health financing with the strategy?

Question 23: How do we ensure best the blending of public and private funding for the Global Health Strategy?

Question 24: How do we ensure sustainable financing for the WHO and the global health architecture at large?
Jammer dat de vragen niet in het Nederlands zijn.



Question 25: Do you have any other thoughts, ideas or comments you would like to share regarding the Global Health Strategy?
Jammer dat de vragen niet in het Nederlands zijn.
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